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Welcome to the Law Firm of Espin & Rodriguez. Your Spanish Law experts with International reach and capabilities.
With our offices in Salobrena (Granada) Espin & Rodriguez are fully equipped to take care of all your legal needs, not only across the whole of Andalucia, but anywhere in Spain. In addition, we are able to work with lawyers, solicitors and accountants in your Home Country to make sure your legal & tax affairs are seamless across International Borders – this can be very important in, for example and among other things, Estate and/or Tax Planning.

This Website is designed to give you a brief introduction to the services we are able and qualified to offer you. Please take a few moments to look at the different areas in which we can help you, by clicking on the appropriate link.

When you look at these pages, please bear in mind that it is a guiding principle of Espin & Rodriguez that nothing can possibly replace the essence of the personal Lawyer/Client relationship – that of mutual trust and confidentiality. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us, in the first instance via e-mail or FAX, for a free initial consultation regarding your specific circumstances. We will respond to all enquiries within two working days, either with some ideas, or with suggestions for a mutually convenient appointment for an initial (and free of charge) consultation. It is likely we will need to speak, or meet with you - for without a full understanding of your individual situation, we cannot give you the best possible advice – which lies at the heart of what we do.

So, please check out any or all of the pages on this website which you think might apply to you. Each gives some general ideas of where Spanish Law might affect you – with or without your knowledge! It is obviously impossible to cover every legal eventuality, but we hope the information shown will give you some indications as to how Espin & Rodriguez can begin to help.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions you might have
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